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Was February the best month in LeBron's career?

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LeBron James is on his way to his fourth straight Player of the Month Award. After leading the HEAT to a 12-1 record in February, LeBron posted his highest PER in a calendar month in his career.


LeBron James has led the Miami HEAT to twelve straight victories, and will close out the month at 12-1, with their only loss on February 1 at Indiana. Did we just witness the best month LeBron has ever had?

Certainly LeBron has had higher scoring months and seasons than he is now, but his efficiency is higher than it ever has been before. For February, James finished the month with a 38.5 PER. A Player Efficiency Rating is a per-minute rating of a player's productivity. While there are some holes in the rating defensively, it gives a great understanding of which players make the biggest impact on games.

James is currently on par to have close to the greatest PER for a season in the history of the league, and that's largely in part to his incredible month of February. 38.5 PER is far above anyone else. For the month, James averaged 29.7 PPG, 7.8 APG, 7.5 RPG, and 1.9 SPG. That includes his incredible 40 points, 16 assists (career high) and 8 rebounds last night against the Kings in double OT. On top of all this, James shot a scorching 64.1% from the field, including 43% from three, and 80% from the line

A 12-1 record for the month is great for the HEAT, and it matches their longest win streak in the Big 3 era, but James' 38.5 is the highest PER for a month in his career. It's hard to imagine a better month for the reigning MVP. He has never shot this well in his career, and the wins are proof of his impact.

LeBron's PER has risen as the season has gone on. From 27.1 in November, to 32.1 and 32.0 in December and January. In February, LeBron had 5 double-doubles and scored above 30 points eight times.

So, what's your take? Do you think this was LeBron's best regular season month of his career? Can you name one better?

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