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First look at the new 2012-13 Miami Heat dancers poster

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This mega poster will be given away tomorrow at the Heat vs Clippers game. As if you needed more motivation to go to the big game.

Miami HEAT

The Miami Heat have given local fans a very good reason to attend Friday night's game against the Los Angeles Clippers beyond what take's place between the two elite NBA teams.

One big reason.

Here is a first look at the 2012-13 Miami HEAT dancers poster but it's one thing to see these images and quite another to have this gigantic poster that's over three feet long in your possession.

Yes, the players winning the Larry O'Brien trophy was impressive and everything but let's give the 4-Time Most Popular Dance Team in the NBA some props as well. If you didn't appreciate them enough before, you'll be sure to now.

The two-sided horizontal poster folds in half down the middle and features all 23 of the dancers in all of their glory.

The Heat provided some info along with a copy of the poster and it came with an interesting teaser for the next poster...

These posters are bigger and bolder than ever because they had to be for the NBA's 4-Time Most Popular Dance Team. They're stylized and They tell a bigger and better story. The whole story.

Stay tuned for the player poster, which will be just as big but twice as amazing.