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LeBron Tops Bloomberg's Power 100 as world's most powerful athlete

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After his incredible year in 2012, LeBron James was ranked the world's most powerful professional athlete in the Bloomberg Power 100.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

What a transformation it has become! Two years removed from being called a villain, traitor, and quitter, LeBron James is racking up the awards and accomplishments.

James was announced as being ranked atop of the Bloomberg Power 100. The Power 100 is a compilation that ranks the world's best performing athletes based on statistics, the popularity and viewing audience of their sports, endorsement earnings, and their reach on social media.

It's no surprise that after capturing a third NBA MVP, his first NBA Championship and Finals MVP along with an Olympic Gold Medal that James has been put on top. His Power score of 89.26 was good enough to be the best among his peers, followed by Tiger Woods. Joining him in the top 25 from the NBA were Kobe Bryant (7), Kevin Durant (11) and Dwyane Wade (25).

James had a career year last season, and is having an even better season so far. He's setting records, and has currently led the Heat to 20 consecutive victories. He's in the driver's seat for his fourth MVP in five seasons. LeBron jumped three spots from #4 last year.

It's been a pleasure to see the transformation that James has taken. From having to defend himself in the commercials he made in 2010 to now - being able to shoot commercials with his family, and make Harlem Shake videos with his teammates. It isn't only LeBron's play on the court that gave him this award, it's his global presence. James has an uncanny way to connect with his fans. Whether he is tackling them at mid-court after they made a timeout shot, or tossing the ball back in the stands asking for a better pass. LeBron interacts with his fans on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. James is the face of the NBA, and maybe the face of sports.

It's no surprise that LeBron James would be on the top of his sport, but to see him top all NFL, MLB, Golf, and Olympic athletes in the quest to be the most powerful is just a reminder of the greatness that we are witnessing.

What do you think? Should LeBron James be at the top of the Bloomberg Power 100? Is he the most powerful athlete in the world?