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Was it Instant Karma for HEAT enemy Lil Wayne during recent health scare?

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Lil Wayne suffers health scare in Los Angeles while the Miami Heat faced the Milwaukee Bucks Friday night. Does the vocal critic of the champs deserve a die-hard Heat fan's sympathy?

Lil Wayne, Knicks vs Heat game, AmericanAirlines Arena, 12/6/12
Lil Wayne, Knicks vs Heat game, AmericanAirlines Arena, 12/6/12
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Were you praying for Weezy on Friday night? Tell the truth. For a minute? I was. And I was front and center shooting spit balls of hate at the kid since that issue in the AAA and especially on All-Star weekend. But Friday night when the news broke that he was hospitalized due to seizures, in a coma and dying (the latter proved to be false) I put down my straw and said a prayer. The rest of the night was a roller coaster!

Next thing I knew, Mack Maine was saying the tweets about Weezy were untrue and that he was fine. I got mad. I thought, "What a loser! Posting tweets about himself dying to get attention!?! This guy is sick!"

But TMZ stuck to its story and lately I trust TMZ more than CNN so I started to believe there was something valid there. My next theory lead me to sympathy. I thought the story had broken too soon and his people were trying to keep it under wraps until Weezyʼs mother could be there with him. That made me feel bad for him. I felt a human side to him, his family and his drama. I wanted to hug them all.

Finally the news came out that he had, indeed, been in the hospital due to seizures but was recovering fine. I decided that since he was fine, it was ok to hate him again and almost picked up my straw with the spit balls of hate to start spewing at him once again, but something had changed.

For the first time since all this Lil Wayne vs Miami HEAT drama kicked up its ugly head, I felt compassion for the guy. I really felt that he must have some issues, like we all do, and that although that does not excuse his behavior toward the HEAT, it gives me, and hopefully others, a little insight. It allows us to see him as a son, as a friend to others and as a guy with some health issues. We donʼt have to spend the energy to hate this guy. We donʼt have to turn off his songs or hate on the radio stations that still play them. Donʼt get me wrong, I donʼt support having the man sit courtside again or even come to the AmericanAirlines Arena.

But now I can love him... from a distance. Get well soon, Lil Tunechi.