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Superstitions not just for players during HEAT streak but also fans

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There are no superstitions in the HEAT locker room, but plenty amongst fans.


Many athletes in professional sports have pre-game, in-game and even post-game routines or as some may call them, superstitions.

After the Miami HEAT extended the NBA's second-longest winning streak to 27 games Monday night when they beat the Orlando Magic 108-94, they're now 7 wins from breaking the league record of 33 set by the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers, and one thing is clear: they're enjoying every moment of this streak.

But do any HEAT players have superstitions or routines that they're following during this historic journey?

Probably, though they claim there are none according to a recent article by Steve Aschburner on Sekou Smith's Hang Time Blog.

However, I do know several HEAT fans, myself included that have superstitions of their own that they've bought into during this streak, and they're sticking to them.

From wearing the championship ring on game days (and game days only), to the same jersey to home games and showering daily (apparently some don't?), fans are dialed-in and committed to doing whatever works to help their team to victory.

When I asked a good friend of mine if he has any superstitions, he says that he has actually tweeted prior to every matchup hashtag and the streak total. As a matter of fact, he's already predicted tonight's outcome "Oh yeah... #28 tonight. Done." Some would say he's jinxing it but so far he's been right every night.

As for my fellow season ticket holder whose seats are next to mine, he does Birdman's Harlem Shake dance before tip off. Trust me, you have to see it to believe it.

Superstitions clearly are not only for the players on the court. Die-hard fans have a vested interest in this team's success and that passion and energy is at its highest level right now.

The next matchup for the HEAT is against a familiar Eastern Conference foe Wednesday night versus the Chicago Bulls. As this team looks to inch closer to NBA history by clinching their 28th straight victory I urge all HEAT fans to keep doing what you're doing, your team needs you!

Are you superstitious? Do you have a specific routine that you follow on HEAT game days? Don't be shy; let's hear about it!