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HEAT TV ratings soar in South Florida during legendary streak

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Fox's Sun Sports TV pulled in big numbers as South Florida tuned in to watch the streak unfold.


The Miami HEAT's huge 27-game winning streak reaped plenty of dividends, like the NBA's best record, in addition to earning their place in the record books.

During the streak, South Florida was tuning in at a record pace to watch LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the rest of the HEAT take down opponent after opponent.

Fox's Sun Sports benefited big time during the 52 days that passed before an NBA team could beat the defending champs, with the channel broadcasting 24 of the past 28 games and enjoying a big 9.1 Nielson household rating during the streak. That's a 30% increase over the team's ratings so far this season.

The Heat vs Celtics broadcast on March 18th delivered a record-shattering 12.2 HH RTG (household rating points) which was an all-time for any game, regular season or postseason. That raised the bar just days before the Heat vs Indiana Pacers game on March 10 had broken the record with an 11.3 rating.

Last night's Heat loss to the Chicago Bulls drew a 10.6, easily beating ESPN's broadcast which had a 6.6 HH RTG. For the season, the Heat has averaged a 6.95 which is on track for their best season on the network yet.