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The streak is over and now we can enjoy the New Orleans Hornets in peace

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The slowest paced team in the league, and an abhorrent defense, will host Miami tomorrow night. And thank god the streak is over so we can focus on it. You better be in front of your television with the popcorn ready at 8 p.m.

Mad Dwyane Wade is so mad
Mad Dwyane Wade is so mad

Now that we are finally through with celebrating the snapping of that terrible, horrible 27-game winning streak, we can finally get back to enjoying some late season regular season NBA basketball. I, for one, am appalled that Miami Heat games kept getting picked up on national television because of this meaningless streak.

The excitement of March basketball is upon all of us, and it's the most enthralling time of the year to play teams that are already out of the playoff hunt or have essentially clinched a top seed.

Now that this streak is out of the way, we get to focus on how dreadful the New Orleans Hornets are. We can finally get back to basketball. It's too bad that we will miss out on the possibility that the two runaway candidates for the NBA's least valuable player award, Austin Rivers and Norris Cole, guarding each other in a frightening match-up of inefficiency, due to Rivers' injury.

But there is still much to see.

The winning streak was a distraction from reality. You people all used it as a disguise to get away from the gift of meaningless regular season action and you can't run away any longer. You will now watch the New Orleans Hornets. You will watch them, ranked 30th in the NBA in pace, as they play slowly and mercilessly makes you eyes bleed.

Don't let those ratings go down! With no streak on the line, you can stop being so results oriented and step back and take in a great, meaningful night of NBA basketball. Enjoy the little things. Cole jump shots, Ray Allen closeouts, Shane Battier drives, (And hopefully, please god, some garbage time for Joel Anthony so we can watch him try to catch a basketball). All of the small, beautiful touches of Heat basketball, on a night where the Hornets complement that with terrible defensive efficiency (28th in defensive rating).

I want this forever. If we can just delay the playoffs as long as possible, we would all be so happy, wouldn't we?

About the only thing that could ruin all of this is Anthony Davis playing good basketball. But hopefully not.

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