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Pat Riley Says Ainge Needs to 'STFU' and Manage His Own Team

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Pat Riley tells Celtics GM, Danny Ainge to 'STFU' after criticizing LeBron James.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

After Wednesday night's streak-ending loss to the Chicago Bulls, LeBron James shared his feelings about what he perceived to be hard fouls against him.

"Those are not defensive... those are not basketball plays," he told reporters in the locker room.

He's since received plenty of criticism for his comments and Boston Celtics GM, Danny Ainge had a few things to say about LeBron's complaints during a weekly radio show appearance.

"I don't think either one of those were flagrants, and I think the one - LeBron against Boozer - was flagrant, yes. I think the officials had it right...," he said. "I think that it's almost embarrassing that LeBron would complain about officiating."

Well he's certainly one to talk. As a player, Ainge had quite a reputation of being a whiner himself and now Miami HEAT President, Pat Riley is backing his superstar player.

According to multiple reports, Riley took a shot back at Ainge with a message of his own, "Danny Ainge needs to 'STFU' and manage his own team," per HEAT spokesman Tim Donovan, who passed along Riley's message.

Shortly after Riley's comments went viral, the Boston Globe reported Ainge's response, "We're both right, LeBron should stop complaining and I should manage my own team."

Apparently Danny Ainge didn't take notice to what happened to Jason Terry when he opened his mouth about the HEAT's then 22-game winning streak prior to the HEAT-Celtics matchup on March 18th when LeBron James put him flat on his back and on the wrong side of a poster.

Both teams meet one last time during the regular season, so let's all circle Friday, April 12th on our calendars because Ainge's comments certainly will add fuel to the fire.

The two teams could also face each other in the postseason once again and if they do it promises to be another classic Eastern Conference showdown.