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Dwyane Wade, LeBron James criticize NBA for Serge Ibaka fine

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HEAT superstars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade voiced their displeasure over the NBA's decision not to suspend Serge Ibaka for his below the belt hit on Blake Griffin.


Special guest post by Darryl Lee Sang (@DarrylLeeSang)

Remember when Dwyane Wade was suspended in late December for a kick to the groin of the Charlotte Bobcats' Ramon Sessions? Remember it was Sessions who was whistled for the foul during the game and the suspension was actually handed to Wade in the following days?

Well, Dwyane Wade and HEAT teammate LeBron James certainly remember. After the NBA announced Tuesday that Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunder had been fined $25,000 by the NBA without suspension for a hit to the groin area of Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin during Sunday's game, Wade and James both took to Twitter to share their displeasure with the league's ruling.

Wade was suspended one game without pay for the hit on Sessions, the first of his 10-year career. He served the suspension when the HEAT visited the Detroit Pistons in December.

Meanwhile, Blake Griffin has a more lighthearted reaction to the whole ordeal.

What are your thoughts? Should Ibaka have been suspended with a heftier fine like Dwyane Wade was in December?