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Heat look to extend streak against Magic

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The Miami Heat are rocking and rolling right now, sporting the NBA's best 15 game winning streak.


Miami Heat are showing flashes of greatness. For those that know what fires me up, it's the obvious favoritism and glorified marketing certain athletes get vs the less fortunate athletes that seem to get glossed over for no justifiable reason.

So with out any further due...

Dwyane Wade

Over his last six games, Wade has averaged 28 points, 6.8 assists, 6.3 rebounds on a blistering 62% shooting. I know the world marvels at how great LeBron James is and in the process quantum leaps over Wade but the people that were pedaling the anti-Wade campaign look pretty stupid now.

The last games are just a snapshot of his recent spike in efficiency, which is contributing to his already career high FG% (52%). Wade has also quietly snuck up to 5th in PER (24.55), just barely behind Brook Lopez (24.56).

Over the Heat's last eight games, Wade has lead the team in points (26), blocks (.9) and shot 59% (LeBron is shooting 54%).

When you couple Wade's resurgence with Lebron's consistent all around dominance, you get an NBA that is becoming quite boring.

Oh yeah, the Orlando Magic are in town.

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Next Game

Orlando Magic
@ Miami Heat

Wednesday, Mar 6, 2013, 7:30 PM EST
AmericanAirlines Arena

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