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Exclusive pictures: Life-size LeBron James chocolate sculpture underway (UPDATE 3x)

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Celebrity chef Paul Joachim is creating a LeBron James sculpture for the Miami Fine Chocolate and Food Show.

Paul Joachim

Hot Hot Hoops has received an exclusive "sneak preview" photo from Food Network Challenge winner and International celebrity chef Paul Joachim, who has begun to create a life-size sculpture of Miami HEAT superstar LeBron James out of chocolate and cake live during the Miami Fine Chocolate & Food Show, taking place this weekend at Pine Gardens.

He is creating his eleventh life-size piece, and the 6'8" MVP forward is described as being sculpted "in a dynamic, exciting basketball move, jumping into the air, back arched, ready to slam dunk the basketball - all life-size and in cake and chocolate."

In addition, "the base will be him jumping out of a basketball arena exploding through the ceiling with fire and flames."

We will be receiving more pictures as they come in up until the finished product but if you want to see it live for yourself (and hopefully score a piece of cake), you can purchase tickets to the event at or go right up to the front entrance to purchase a ticket at:

Pinecrest Gardens
11000 S Red Rd
Miami, Florida, 33156

The event takes place Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10 from 10 a.m to 6 p.m.

The event's press release has more information about the event and Paul's sculpture:

Paul, a huge Miami sports fan himself, is known for creating life-size sculptures of people live while interacting and story-telling with the audience at special events and parties.

This will be his 11th life-size piece, and he has teamed up with Indiana-based Davis Chocolate to create this incredible edible sculpture. Davis Chocolate has developed a special chocolate formula specific to Paul's extreme needs to sculpt outside in the Miami heat to hold up to the humidity and other outside elements.

Among the towering banyan trees and tropical paradise of Pinecrest Gardens, guests will sample artisan treats from fine chocolatiers from around the country and bites from local South Florida restaurants. All delights can be savored with close to 35 craft beer, wine and spirits pairings at the event's Pairings Pavilion. Guests can watch live demonstrations from the acclaimed chefs of the Miami Culinary Institute at Miami Dade College (MDC), stroll through the Meadow to see Food Network Challenge Winner and international celebrity chef Paul Joachim providing live entertainment as he sculpts a life-size chocolate art sculpture of LeBron James, listen to pairing seminars from Chef Allen Susser and Chef Adrianne Calvo, and more.


Update 2x: Day two of the sculpture and we're seeing a lot more of LeBron's details and even his headband...