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Hot Hot Hoops takes the HEAT Fan Express for a smooth ride over to AA Arena

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HHH hitched a ride with the HEAT Fan Express to the Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics game on Friday night with a fantastic bus service provided by Fox Sports Florida.

You may have heard about it from time to time during Sun Sports broadcasts of the Miami Heat but if you're ever going to get group tickets to a Heat game from now on, then you simply must book the HEAT Fan Express and your friends will thank you for it.

As someone who has constantly battled traffic and parking woes over the years to get to Heat games, especially since I began covering the team in the Jermaine O'Neal/Michael Beasley era and have seen the big increase of activity in the Big 3 era, it was quite an enticing offer from Fox Sports to give the Fan Express bus a try for a future game.

Basically, the bus service is available for groups as large as 55 people who are purchasing group tickets to a Heat game and they will pick you up from anywhere in Florida at no additional charge. That means no driving to the game (probably a first for me EVER) and even better no worries with both finding a decent parking spot or paying for it. And getting to the game in a luxury motor coach fully outfitted inside and out with your favorite team is pretty cool indeed.

Riders even get free goodies too, we got a cool single-strap backpack with a HEAT/Sun Sports T-shirt inside. This particular group Hot Hot Hoops travelled with were smart enough to bring along snacks and refreshments too so we were able to tailgate with plenty of time to spare before the Heat had their way with the Boston Celtics on Friday night.

"There is no better way to experience a Heat game than driving to Miami in a bus wrapped in Miami Heat decor from top to bottom," remarked longtime Heat fan Justin Gothelf on the way back home after the defending champs emerged victorious. "Drinks and food before the game, good people, not having to worry about driving in rush hour traffic and finding and paying for parking all left me wondering, 'just why in the world have I not done this before?'"

Just in case you're somehow still not convinced, the Fox Sports Florida Girls will come along for the ride as long as you give them at least 10 business days advance notice. Okay, now you're convinced right?

To arrange a trip, visit the Heat's site or call the Heat groups sales office at 786-777-3865.