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Mrs. Bosh's Southstreet Birthday Surprise

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Friends and family surprise Adrienne Bosh with an early birthday surprise party at Southstreet.

The Miami HEAT ladies had lots to celebrate this past weekend. First they celebrated Savannah Brinson's pending nuptials by throwing a surprise bachelorette party for her Saturday night, then capped the weekend with an early birthday celebration for Chris Bosh's wife Adrienne Bosh Sunday afternoon at Southstreet.

Though we were not invited to the festivities, we got a glimpse of the Adrienne's Love & Light themed birthday celebration via Instagram.

Take a look and join us in wishing Adrienne a very Happy Birthday @MrsAdrienneBosh on Twitter!

(Photos via @MrsAdrienneBosh, @AprilBellePhotos and @DivineDelicaciesCakes Instagram accounts)