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Jennings confident against Heat and predicts series win for Bucks

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Back in early March, Bucks guard Brandon Jennings said he would prefer to play the Heat in the first round of the playoffs. He got his wish and is still confident in his team.

Mike Ehrmann

The Miami Heat have had the top seed in the conference clinched for some time now, and when the Milwaukee Bucks cinched the final spot and secured a matchup against the Heat, both teams were excited.

But Bucks' guard Brandon Jennings has wished his team would play the Heat. On March 9, he said he preferred Miami over other possible opponents, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"The two games that we played Miami so far, we matched up well against them," Jennings said. "If you ask me, that's who I would want to play first round, Miami ... right now we haven't really played well against the Knicks. I just feel better if we play Miami first round, just the fact we have good games against them."

It may not seem all that arrogant as you would expect, but preferring the Heat over the New York Knicks feels a bit disrespectful. Earlier this week we saw the Atlanta Hawks give up any desire to be in the same side of the bracket as Miami, preferring to even play the Indiana Pacers over the Brooklyn Nets to avoid Miami in the second round.

The Heat have won three of four against the Bucks this season. But Jennings still expects the Bucks to compete and win. Again, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Milwaukee guard Brandon Jennings attended the Wisconsin Sports Awards Thursday night at the Harley-Davidson museum to accept an award for his work in community outreach programs. He was only asked three questions, but he sure made the most of them. He also made a very bold prediction: "I'm real confident. I'm sure everybody is writing us off but but I see us winning the series in six."

Maybe after noticing that everyone in the room had their eyebrows raised, Jennings smiled. "There's no pressure on us!"

Jennings later wanted to take a little bit more pressure off of himself via his Twitter account:

The Heat and Bucks have played some exciting games this season. The Bucks won back in late December in a game that saw Josh Harrellson play 18 minutes. Miami's wins have come by 7, 13, and 11. The Heat are looking forward to their matchup with Milwaukee. As soon as the series was set, LeBron James tweeted out:

So, with both teams confident, maybe one more than the other, it should make itself to be a good series. Most people are expecting Miami to handle business in 4 or 5 games.

No matter how long this series takes, or the entire playoff ride, Hot Hot Hoops will be there to cover it all.

Stay tuned.