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NBA Playoff Time: Let the Rituals Begin!

The first day of the Miami HEAT's 2013 playoff season is the perfect time to review player rituals and superstitions and to share your own.

Ronald Martinez

It just so happens that the Miami HEAT's first playoff game of 2013 is on a Sunday. Sunday is notoriously a big day for rituals. We all have our preferred Sunday morning routines. Church, doughnuts, walks on the beach, the Sunday paper (do they still print those?) The good ones refresh and recharge us for a new week. But what about your game day rituals. Especially now that the playoffs are here. It's time to put those in place HEAT fans.

LeBron James jumped off Twitter last night:


His effort to shut out the public commentary and focus on the game has quickly become a 21st century playoff ritual. We know we won't hear from him on Twitter until the post season ends.

Dwyane Wade made a video for The NOC at the start of this season when the NBA implemented the 90 second pregame rule in which he showed how he would fit in all his rituals including love to the fans, pull-ups on the rim, shadow boxing and slapping hands with teammates and coaches. As he admitted, it was a lot to fit in.

Dwyane Wade's 90 second pregame ritual challenge

It's been reported that Michael Jordan wore his North Carolina shorts under his NBA uniform throughout his career. Jason Terry has said that he wears the shorts of his opponent the night before his games. In the MLB, Jason Giambi wore a gold thong to get out of a hitting slump and other teammates soon followed the idea. Which begs the question, which NBA players might be following the gold thong ritual?

For me, I won't change my Twitter avi. I was reprimanded for an avi change last season by the AP's Tim Reynolds while we were on a modest but important win streak. As he remarked, better that I goof up in the regular season than in June!

What rituals or superstitions will you maintain going into the playoffs today? Like Budweiser says in their NFL ads, "It's only weird if it doesn't work."