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Contest: Predict today's playoff score and win free official HEAT swag!

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We've got lots of stuff to give away and want to give it out to HEAT fans throughout the 2013 NBA Playoffs....

Surya F

The Miami HEAT and their merchandise provider of this postseason's White Hot Heat campaign, See Ya PR were nice enough to hook us up with a ton of official HEAT gear and we're passing it along to our loyal readers and fans of the #1 team in the NBA.

If you've ever wanted to get your hands on the very same gear that season ticket holders and AmericanAirlines Arena visitors get when they go to HEAT games then this is your chance! Throughout the 2013 NBA Playoffs we'll be giving away all of the goodies pictured above. That's right, look closely and you'll see "El Heat" t-shirts, White Hot shades, keychains, oversized HEAT dancer posters, air fresheners and much much more. Who knows, just maybe you'll get an extra special secret prize from my personal collection of HEAT possessions that's not pictured! (That could very well be a memento from last year's championship celebration.)

So how can you win? All you have to do for today's contest is guess tonight's score of the Miami HEAT vs Milwaukee Bucks first game in their first round 2013 NBA Playoff series in a comment below. The person closest to the score wins a portion of this loot at my discretion and it gets stuffed in a box and sent your way. In the event of a tie we use LeBron James' point total tonight, so you'll want to guess that as well if you want a shot at winning.

Only one entry per person and remember that you'll have to be registered here at Hot Hot Hoops to be able to leave a comment with your guess. All we ask in return is when you do get your gear in the mail, please submit a photo of you with your prize(s) on Twitter and/or Instagram with a shout-out (@HotHotHoops) for your favorite HEAT blog out there! Special thanks to @SeeYaPR as well for providing HHH with most of this gear so you should probably send some love their way too.

Good luck and get to it!

Hot Hot Hoops/SB Nation Official Contest Rules

UPDATE: Contest ends at the start of the tip-off. Good luck! (No one picking the Bucks??)