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Get your official Miami Heat apparel right here at Hot Hot Hoops!

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Starting today and continuing throughout the 2013 NBA Playoffs, we'll be offering officially licensed Miami Heat apparel right here on your humble little blog about the #1 team in the NBA.

We are witnessing what could be a historic run for this Miami Heat team after such a dominate season as a team and by the King and likely MVP LeBron James. Don't take it for granted, and don't forget to stop and smell the roses along the way. And of course by "stop and smell the roses," I mean, "get some gear to commemorate the season."

We have just joined up with Gameday Depot to bring you the opportunity to purchase official Heat gear you're likely to want anyway and to support the site a little bit while you're at it. So we all win (as is usually the case with all things Heat-related).

We'll be adding more as the playoffs progress (along with commemorative memorabilia that the Heat fans might want to covet down the road during the team's defense of their title), but we're out of the gate with your standard replica LeBron James Jersey and your standard replica Dwyane Wade Jersey. We also have a Miami Heat Basketball Climalite T-Shirt, a Pre-Game Fitted short-sleeve tee, and an official adidas 2013 NBA Draft Hat. Pictures of all of these items can be found below.

We'll actually be helping to decide what items to stock and offer, so let us know what you'd like to see!

Dwyane Wade JerseyLeBron James Jersey

Miami Heat pre-game fitted short sleeve teeMiami Heat Basketball T-Shirt

Miami Heat adidas Official Draft Hat

Official adidas 2013 Miami HEAT NBA Draft Hat