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Exclusive video: HEAT perform Harlem Shake live at 2013 Family Festival

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The Miami HEAT did their best to thank their fans for coming out to the 2013 HEAT Family Festival with a first-ever live performance of their viral Harlem Shake video.

The 16th Annual Miami HEAT Family Festival came to a close on a beautiful Sunday afternoon by the AmericanAirlines Arena in downtown Miami with a show-stopping live performance of their infamous viral Harlem Shake video.

Although Pat Riley was disappointingly not front and center during the performance doing his now-customary dancing at the festival, there was plenty of creativity on display here from LeBron James (who was naturally front and center), Dwyane Wade, Chris Andersen and a collection of their kids also joined in on the fun this time.

Hot Hot Hoops was there to capture it all in HD...