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Heat Game 3 preview: Let's get ready to rumble!!

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Is it starting to feel like a wrestling match? Maybe. Are things getting out of control? Sort of. Either way, game 3 is going to be highly watched, must see sports television.


It's the kind of Miami Heat physicality that we saw so vividly in the New York Knick rivalry days. I don't care what any new schooled, flop oriented sports fan says, this kind of basketball is what made the NBA popular. Not that we should promote "violent" or "dirty" basketball but rather we should applaud teams that exert maximum effort and translucently demonstrate their disdain for one another.

The Chicago Bulls CLEARLY dislike the Miami Heat. Just as importantly, the Heat dislike the Bulls and are not afraid to do whatever it takes show it. Birdman, Breadman! Yeah, he's the new Dexter Pittman, only with actual basketball skill.

Derrick Rose?

It would be a great story if Rose returns for this game. Is it me? Or does this situation seem ideal for the imagery that was painted in Rose's ACL comeback commercials?

The real question of course, is what impact could he have at this point in the season and with no games to settle in. I actually feel Rose could make a serious impact, not so much in terms of his literal contribution, but rather from a motivational and emotional perspective.

The stage is set folks and I for one, can't wait to see what happens.


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