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Hot Hot Hoops Hangout: Heat vs Bulls East Semis mid-series report

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The HHH crew assemble to talk about the Miami Heat's 2-1 series lead over the Chicago Bulls....

Diego Quezada, Jay Ramos, Matt Pineda and yours truly Surya Fernandez gathered together the morning after the Miami Heat victory over the Chicago Bulls in Game of their second round series.

Topics discussed included the following:

1) What have the Heat done since Game 1 to take control of this series? Did the Bulls play about as well as expected given their circumstances in Game 3?

2) Should Heat fans be worried about Dwyane Wade and decreased production?

3) How has Norris Cole earned so many minutes in this playoff series?

4) Should Nazr Mohammed should be suspended for Game 4? Have the Bulls taken the physicality too far?

5) Chris Bosh played extremely well in Game 3 after not playing well in Games 1 or 2. What was noticeable in his game last night?

6) Staff predictions for the rest of the series?