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Haslem's Southwest Ranches Home Burglarized

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Udonis Haslem's home was burglarized a few weeks after teammate Chris Bosh's Miami Beach home was found ransacked.


The Southwest Ranches home of Miami HEAT forward Udonis Haslem was burglarized on Saturday, April 13th.

According to numerous news reports, police were dispatched to the home after the security alarm was triggered around 9:47pm.

Haslem, returned home around 10:25pm to find an open suitcase filled with clothes in the entryway. He advised police that the suitcase was not like that before he left the house and K-9 units were brought in to search the premises.

Once they determined that no one was still inside the home they found a ransacked master bedroom with several open drawers and empty shelves inside.

A man's closet did not appear to having any missing items, though a woman's closet appeared to be missing several shoes and purses. However, those items were found in a black garbage bag inside the master bedroom according to the police report. Pry marks were also discovered on a safe inside the man's closet though entry was not gained.

Police believe suspects gained entry into the home through a side door in the garage.

It remains unclear if any items were taken from the home, though Haslem and his fiancé plan to prosecute criminally.

The break-in at Haslem's home comes just a few weeks after HEAT teammate Chris Bosh's home in Miami Beach was burglarized while he was out celebrating his 29th birthday.