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Game Four preview: Can Heat continue road dominance?

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Miami is on an unusual run of road victories, with each one coming with higher stakes. Game four of the Eastern Conference Finals at Indiana will be the latest test.

The Heat are hoping Dwyane Wade can build off of his efficient game three performance
The Heat are hoping Dwyane Wade can build off of his efficient game three performance
Gregory Shamus

Given that the Miami Heat have not lost a road game in two months, this is probably the most confident a team could ever be on the road in the conference finals. And that's in addition to the confidence you have when you're a defending champion that's rolling like the Heat.

Ever since their loss at Chicago on March 27, Miami has reeled off 10 consecutive road victories (five in the postseason).

They will go for No. 11 tonight at Indiana at 8:30 p.m.

From the battle for space with gargantuan big Roy Hibbert to LeBron James' extended work in the post (As described by HHH Writer Diego Quezada), the series has seen some fun tactical basketball material, as well as dramatic late game heroics.

The Pacers find themselves having to pick their poison coming into game four if James is to spend any considerable amount of time in the post area. If they decide to bring a double team a few dribbles sooner, they will be asking the Heat's assortment of perimeter weapons to beat them.

Miami, on the other hand, looks to continue to find a balance between winning the important factors for them (Efficiency, turnover percentage) while giving up some muscle on the glass.

It's also worth noting that Dwyane Wade is coming off of arguably his best game of the postseason, and if he's finding his rhythm, that's increasingly important as the Heat chase a second consecutive title.


* You've probably noticed by now that Chris Andersen doesn't miss a lot. He's 35-of-41 this postseason. The Birdman leads the league in player efficiency rating in the playoffs (31.9), which is just absurd, even though he only plays 15 minutes per game.

* Shane Battier has made just 13-of-56 3-pointers in the postseason. If last season is any indication, he's about to explode. Obviously it's unreasonable to expect that, but Battier got hot heading into the 2012 finals.

Next Game

Miami Heat
@ Indiana Pacers

Tuesday, May 28, 2013, 8:30 PM EDT
Bankers Life Fieldhouse

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