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Hot Hot Hoops guest appearance on Huffington Post to discuss HEAT fans

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HHH writer Matt Pineda joins the discussion over at HuffPost Live to address the latest hot topic concerning the champs: Does Miami deserve the Heat?

Hot Hot Hoops writer Matt Pineda is in a unique position to give his opinion on what Mark Boyle, the Indiana Pacers radio announcer, said when he dissed Heat fans during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals as unworthy of even having an NBA team in Miami.

That's because Matt isn't just passionate about the defending champs, he also happens to live in Indianapolis where he saw firsthand what Pacers fans think about the Heat in Game 4.

So when Huffington Post got in touch with Hot Hot Hoops to discuss Heat fans on HuffPost Live, Matt came through and joined the roundtable discussion. Check it out and make sure to follow @HotHotHoops on Twitter to keep up with any TV, web or radio appearances our illustrious staff will appear on during the playoffs and beyond.