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Father's Day: New book Raising Your Game features Dwyane Wade and LeBron James

Ethan J Skolnick's new book, featuring stories from LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, helps to make Father's Day gifting more meaningful.

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Wade and James enjoying some laughs
Wade and James enjoying some laughs
Mike Ehrmann

Father's Day has come a long way from soap-on-a-rope with a polyester necktie. This week, whether you're Father's Day shopping for a dad, granddad, step-dad or father figure (think coach,) Miami HEAT media member Ethan J. Skolnick has co-authored a new book that would be a meaningful gift for anyone with a child in their life. It's called, "Raising Your Game."

Last year, Dwyane Wade's biography came out just before Father's Day entitled, "A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Thank Basketball." His personal memoir and consequent book tour helped dads across the country do better and be better - at fatherhood. It's still front and center and selling well at bookstores around the country.

But this year, if you want to get your Heat fan something from someone who's a little more "Inside Baseball," (well...) check out Ethan J Skolnick's new book. Skolnick is a long-time sports columnist who has covered the Miami HEAT for the Palm Beach Post over several years and has definitely earned his spot on the Mount Rushmore of Heat Media. His new book, "Raising Your Game," combines interviews from over 100 accomplished athletes with time tested psychology concepts as shared by co-author, Dr Andrea Corn. Together, this fun-to-read book helps the reader guide kids through sports and encourages adults to re-consider what really matters when it comes to kids and sports.


The book opens with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James being interviewed together, sharing their ideas of what "fun" is and how they used to have fun as kids. The conversation itself exudes "fun" as the reader easily envisions the two NBA stars sitting casually in a room answering questions you've never heard them asked before and opening up with stories that make you feel like you're really one of their buddies, joking around, laughing, remembering old times. This comfortable, fascinating conversation is a testament to Skolnick's clean and captivating writing style but also to his unique access to amazing, successful athletes. The stories continue with a who's who of athletes from across many sports fields including Edgerrin James, Shannon Miller, Mary Joe Fernandez, John Smoltz, Jason Taylor, Jeremy Roenick, Penny Hardaway and many more. It seems there's a new successful athlete around every corner, with every page turned.

Raising Your Game is about understanding the difference an adult with the right perspective can make in the life of a young athlete. Kids in America are joining and quitting sports in record numbers and by looking at how these successful athletes have dealt with setbacks and successes, we understand how to motivate and inspire rather than frustrate and demean. This book is critical in a world that has changed and evolved due to hectic lifestyles encapsulated in modern technology. Raising Your Game gives any father or father-figure a fun but thought-provoking read that also improves his effectiveness with the young athlete in his life. A real win-win.

~Father's Day is Sunday, June 16th

~Skolnick's new book is available through local booksellers and on iTunes or at in paperback or hardcover through the links below:

Raising Your Game in paperback

Raising Your Game in hardcover