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Game 3 recap: Spurs blow out Heat 113-77 with otherworldly shooting performance

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Gary Neal and Danny Green exploded, and the Spurs continued to contain LeBron James on their way to a big game three win.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra will have to consider stacking his lineups with more shooters earlier in the game
Heat coach Erik Spoelstra will have to consider stacking his lineups with more shooters earlier in the game

The Heat recovered from an 43-32 deficit with 3:27 left in the second quarter of game three of the NBA Finals and eventually tied the game at 44 with 37 seconds left in the half.

The Spurs proceeded to use that last bit of time to drill two 3-pointers, one by Tony Parker and one by Gary Neal.

It was a preview of the second half.

Neal and the Spurs dropped a barrage of 3-pointers in the second half to finish off the Heat long before the final buzzer logged a 113-77 Heat loss. Neal hit two of his six 3-pointers in the second half, but Danny Green connected on 6-of-7 shots from beyond the arc in that second half.

The Spurs took a six-point halftime lead and outscored Miami 63-33 after that. It became an unfair clinic of 3-point shooting at one point, with San Antonio finishing 16-of-32 from beyond the arc.

Green finished with 27 points and Neal had 21 to lead San Antonio.

This was a game in which Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili combined for 25 points, and the Spurs beat Miami by 36. It's really an absurd scenario.

LeBron James had another lackluster scoring game, ending with 15 points on 7-of-21 shooting, baffled by the Spurs giving him an infinite amount of space to shoot on the perimeter and sending a lot of help when he is on the block. James attempted zero free throws in the game.

LeBron will have to make use of his very good, improved jumpshot this series if he wants to impact these games in the scoring column.

Besides Mike Miller, who again lit up the perimeter, Miami didn't have a player play more than 11 minutes who made half of their shots. Dwyane Wade added 16 points (7-of-15) and Chris Bosh dropped 12 (4-of-10) in arguably their worst offensive performance this postseason.

Mario Chalmers, who scored 19 points in game two, went scoreless in game three.

Final - 6.11.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Miami Heat 20 24 19 14 77
San Antonio Spurs 24 26 28 35 113

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