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HEAT fans considered a loss in Game 3 a possibility, but a blowout?

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Game 3 of the NBA Finals forces Miami HEAT fans to consider new possibilities while trying to keep the faith.


"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." Does it, King James version of the Bible? Does it Psalms 30:5? Cuz I ain't feeling the joy quite yet and yea, the sun is up! It feels like I had some kind of Gatorade nightmare but I can't wake up! And no, Mama never said there'd be days like this!

No one ever considered a 36 point blowout. Maybe because it has never before happened in the Miami HEAT's playoff history. We're wrecked. We're in an emotional hangover. And you know who's going to be really tough to deal with today? The bandwagon fans. Brace yourselves Heat Nation. You can turn off your TV or your radio but you cannot get away from that segment of people who you will run across today. Some know you're a die-hard Heat fan and will challenge your analysis. However, the real Heat fans won't have many words. Between true Heat fans, a simple look in the eyes and shake of the head will convey every thought and emotion.

Miami HEAT Head Coach Erik Spoelstra opened his post-game press conference with the one sentence summary, "We got what we deserved tonight." Simple, honest and matter-of-fact. "Every shot they wanted to get, they got," he said. And then, "We let ourselves down tonight."

We headed into Game 3 knowing that a loss was a possibility. It's Game 3 out of 7. Our plan was to remain cool, calm and collected - to try to keep things in perspective. We never, for a second, saw this coming. (They were singing to Seven Nation Army, for God's sake. That's blasphemy! Or something!)

This kind of blowout makes you question everything. Yep. Everything. As Heat fans we just want to crawl through this day while our team, hopefully, spends the next 24 hours in some kind of superhero capsule that brings back all their magical, mystical super powers. We're hoping that this is the sad part of the movie that makes the ending so much better.

When reporters asked Coach Spoelstra, "What do you do to get LeBron back into this?" he quickly replied, "He'll figure it out." We don't doubt those words. LeBron James has said before, whether you win by 1 point or by 30, it's still only 1 win. Does the same hold true for a loss?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson said, "I don't like the body language of the Miami Heat. They better wake up." The truth can be hard to swallow. We trust they will wake up. We hope the Spurs have just poked the bear. But we're not sure.

The sun will rise again on Thursday and maybe joy will come back. It cannot get here fast enough. Oh Lord, just get us through this day. Soon the nausea will set in yet again as we approach Game 4.

Merciful heavens, this is a series!