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Chris Bosh on the move? Not so fast...

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Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne put their 12,000 sq. foot home on the market, but let's not jump to conclusions.


Chris Bosh may soon be on the move. Following the Miami Heat's practice Wednesday, Bosh told the South Florida Sun Sentinel that he and his wife Adrienne have decided to put their 12,000-square-foot home on the market.

He emphasized that the decision was made strictly with his family in mind and not because of concerns about the direction of his playing career.

"I'm in Miami for the rest of my career," he told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. "I plan to be there. I plan to retire there. I plan to win hopefully a lot more championships there. So that's where home is."

His wife, who is expecting their second child, took to Twitter to emphasize that point, "Our house is def not listed. We are in the middle of building a new nursery."

After the news broke, speculation quickly turned to Bosh wanting to move on from Miami by opting-out of his contract, which includes an early termination option in 2014, and a player option for the 2015-16 season.

Other speculation from the rumor mill, which has been quite busy in recent weeks, focuses on Bosh being an offseason target for the Charlotte Bobcats in a trade for the fourth overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft as reported by Sports Illustrated.

Bosh has struggled during the postseason, experiencing one of the worst stretches of his entire ten-year career which only makes his decision to relocate seem timely and adds fuel to all the speculation.

So, could Chris Bosh really be on his way out of Miami?

What if he and his family really are just looking for a change of scenery in South Florida, what could have prompted this decision to hunt for new digs? Let's speculate...

Sense of security after the break-in
While out with friends, family and teammates to celebrate his 29th birthday, Bosh's home was burglarized and more than $340,000 worth of jewelry, watches, rings and more went missing according to Miami Beach Police. After being burglarized, a change of address can offer a new sense of security and a fresh start. The move could have something to do with that.

Problems with the neighbors?
Bosh lives next door to Miami Heat guard and teammate Dwyane Wade, and the two reportedly spend quite a bit of time together, especially on the eve before games. They've both struggled mightily this postseason and have relied on each other to work through their issues on the court. It's doubtful Bosh is having issues with his neighbors.

Baby steps and crayons
Have you seen the interior of the Bosh household? It's the perfect canvas for a soon-to-be (if not already) walking baby Jack and his little sister who's on the way. Maybe the change in décor will deprive us of a mini Picasso in the making but save the parents from having to clean up a big mess.

Is this beginning to sound ridiculous, or should I keep going? Trust me, I can.

The point is that I can speculate as much as I want and come up with many reasons for the Bosh's decision to put their home on the market, whether for professional or personal reasons.

Chris Bosh often finds himself in the shadows amongst his superstar teammates LeBron James and Dwyane Wade and he's always in the middle of trade rumors when things seem to not be going Miami's way. However, his team is down 2-1 in the NBA Finals; down, not out.

To speculate that Bosh's house being on the market is a preemptive measure to being the odd-man out because the Miami Heat big three is being blown up while they are still playing to defend their Championship is absolutely absurd.

If he says the decision to sell his house is for personal reasons, take it for what it is and let the man play on.

"You know, man, I don't care," he said of the speculation. "At first, I used to care. But that hindered my game. And they're going to talk about you, anyway. It's something that you can't ever overcome. So why should you even try to prove people wrong? I just play the game."

After all, if the Heat are able to defend their Championship and win it all, all the speculation probably would've been for absolutely nothing anyway.