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Jimmy Kimmel calls out NBA Finals bandwagon fans

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Jimmy Kimmel interviewed self proclaimed Heat and Spurs fans on South Beach and asked some pretty ridiculous questions.


Bandwagon fans get harassed constantly. Is it their fault they want to join in on the excitement that surrounds a winning team? Don’t flip the switch and start hating when we’re down, but come on aboard and get fired up with the rest of us!

Earlier this week, however, Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Miami HEAT bandwagon fans on South Beach in his segment called "Lie Witness News." Acknowledging that the NBA Finals have many players with names that are difficult to pronounce, he asked Heat fans questions about players, coaches and strategies that were completely fictitious and non-sensical. Asked about Heat coach "Erik Estrada," one fan replied, "...he always 'adjusteses' and comes up when they need him to." Another fan was asked if LeBron James would be able to "come back from his injury." She felt strongly that he would.

To be fair, he went on the interview San Antonio Spurs fans on South Beach as well. What Kimmel found out was, "People are willing to lie on TV no matter where they’re from."

The moral of the story? NBA Bandwagon fans, keep spreading the love but please steer clear of the mic!

Jimmy Kimmel, Lie Witness News - Miami HEAT version:

Jimmy Kimmel, Lie Witness News - San Antonio Spurs version: