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Flo Rida's manager not allowed in the building for NBA Finals Game 6

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Flo Rida's manager, Freezy, has been told by the NBA that he will be arrested if he comes into the American Airlines Arena tonight.

Flo-rida and Freezy will not be at Game 6
Flo-rida and Freezy will not be at Game 6

Flo Rida's manager, Lee "Freezy" Prince, has been told by NBA officials that he is not allowed in the building for the next two NBA Finals games, according to an interview he did with Marc Hochman and Jonathan Zaslow on The Ticket Miami, 104.3FM this morning. Freezy said he has been contacted by the NBA via email and phone calls and along with NBA attorneys, he has been warned that they will have him arrested if he shows up. He is not allowed anywhere in the building. Not even in Standing Room Only.

Freezy and Flo Rida are huge Miami HEAT fans. During the Eastern Conference Finals, Freezy got ejected while sitting courtside next to the Indiana Pacers' bench. Freezy said the Pacers were a whole different situation. They were trash talking and taking it to a whole different level. "That's a level we own!" Freezy told Hochman and Zaslow. He says Frank Vogel called security and was asked to leave the building. Then he thought, "I'm not leaving this building, this is Heat Nation," and he went back to his seat. Soon after, on Flo Rida's suggestion, he left.

Freezy said he was on the phone for 2 hours trying to figure out what he had done wrong. "What I did was no different that what Spike Lee does for the Knicks and what Jack Nicholson does for the Lakers."

Freezy said Flo Rida won't be at the game tonight either. When asked, Freezy explained, "We ride together."

"The Spurs are just scared," Freezy explained. "They don't want that feeling to erupt around them." He went on, "Whoever sits in those seats tonight, they better represent!" Freezy pleaded with Heat fans, "Man, please support that team!"

"The Spurs are done tonight," he said. "Even they know that. They done."