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Poll: Should James go without the headband for Game 7?

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James played most of the fourth quarter and all of overtime without his trademark headband. Will he put it back on for Game 7?

No headband LeBron
No headband LeBron
Mike Ehrmann

It's already been deemed the LeBron James headband game. And for goodness sake, LeBron James was terrific during the final 8:59 of the fourth quarter and overtime that he played without the headband.

For ten years in the NBA and even before, LeBron James has worn a headband in every single game. It's a part of who he is. Some say it's to hide the receding hairline, but regardless, it is LeBron.

And for this first extended amount of time - he played without it and was phenomenal.

Now, I'm not here to say it was about the headband. Or was it?

But it begs the question: should James wear that headband in Game 7 or continue his play without it?

What do you think?