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Heat, Spurs players react after thrilling conclusion of Game 7

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Here's what both teams had to say after Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals in which the Miami Heat repeated as champions...


LeBron James on being a multiple champion:

"It feels great. This team is amazing. And the vision that I had when I decided to come here is all coming true. Through adversity, through everything we've been through, we've been able to persevere and to win back-to-back championships. It's an unbelievable feeling. I'm happy to be part of such a first-class organization.

"I mean, this is what it's all about. I came here to win championships and to be able to go back to back. Two championships in three years so far. It's the ultimate. I don't want to think about next year right now, what our possibilities are next year. Got to take full advantage of this one. It's an unbelievable moment for our team."

Pat Riley on the LeBron critics:

"They don't understand the game. I listen to the pundits all the time and we live in the world of immediate blame and immediate praise, and they're always going to take a shot at the guy at the top of the mountain. LeBron is the greatest player in the world. One of the greatest leaders I have been around and I'm happy for him and his family. He deserves everything that he gets right now."

Gregg Popovich on the Finals series:

"I want to congratulate the Heat on another championship, Mr. (Micky) Arison, Pat Riley, Erik (Spoelstra), his staff, their players deserve congratulations. It was a tough grind to get through the NBA playoffs. They did a great job. Great crew. I'm happy for them.

"Players step up in the playoffs. Tonight a great example of that was Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. They played Hall-of-Fame basketball tonight. That's some of the best basketball they both played at the same time throughout the entire playoffs from what I saw. When you have someone like Shane (Battier) come off the bench and knock it down the way he did, that's tough to match. If you're going to match that, you have to be pretty perfect. I didn't think we played our best game in the regard."

Erik Spoelstra on the road to the second straight title:

"That's what competition is about. I mentioned that all series long. If people say it's only because of us that we lost or we struggled and we should have had an easier run, that's not giving any credit to the Indiana Pacers or the Spurs. They were great teams. They were incredible challenges to us that we had to overcome. It's never easy. As tough as last year was, it seemed like this year was even tougher. Particularly these last two rounds. We expected that to be tough, and we have the utmost respect for the teams that we played."

Tim Duncan on being so close to winning another title and letting it slip away:

"The obvious word is 'disappointing'. Tough end to the game. Made some bad decisions, missed some shots. I don't know what to say. Just give credit to the Miami Heat. LeBron was unbelievable. Dwyane was great. I just think they found a way to get it done. We stayed in the game. We gave ourselves opportunities to win the game, we just couldn't turn that corner. They made more plays down the stretch, bottom line."

Mario Chalmers on repeating as champs:

"It's a dream come true for me especially. A little kid from Alaska, driven by playing in the NBA. To be here, being in three Finals, winning two out of three, it's a dream come true. A blessing for me and my family. I'm glad to be here with the Miami Heat and be in this situation."

Manu Ginobili on the disappointment of coming up short in Games 6 and 7:

"Of course, big disappointment. In my case I still have Game 6 in my head. Today we played an okay game, they just made more shots than us. LeBron got hot. Shane Battier too. Those things can happen. But being so close and feeling that you are about to grab that trophy and then seeing it vanish is very hard. I think that if we would have lost both games like this I would be a little more up. But it's a tough feeling."

Kawhi Leonard on what ultimately was the difference between the two teams:

"They had a bunch of guys playing well, not just the star players. There were a lot of the supporting guys stepping up and making plays."

Dwyane Wade on winning his third ring:

"All the giddiness is the champagne talking. This is sweet. This is the sweetest one by far because of everything we've been through, everything I've been through individually and to get here to this moment, to have that kind of performance, that kind of game, help lead my team, it's special, man. So special.

"We go through life so fast and we never really get to to enjoy moments. Seem like they go past us. The championships that I've won seemed like they went past me so fast. And tonight I just wanted to take a minute, take a moment and just soak in being a kid from Robbins, Illinois, from Marquette University and now having three championships.

"This is a special moment for this organization. It's a special moment for Miami. And I appreciate so much of what everybody around me does, and the trust and belief that everyone has. So I just want to take that moment, soak it in, holler at home boy Larry right here and just have my moment."