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Greg Oden and the Miami Heat have mutual interest

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Greg Oden was the first overall pick in 2007, but injuries have halted his career. Could he rejuvenate himself in Miami?


It't no secret the Miami Heat will continue to look for the right pieces to fit around the big three, and during the last three years it has been a journey to find the right big man.

The Heat have gone with Joel Anthony, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Erick Dampier, Rony Turiaf and Chris Andersen among others to find the right role in the middle.

Now the most intriguing big man has interest in the Heat. Greg Oden, the always injured big man from Indianapolis and Ohio State is ready to make a return to the NBA and has the Heat on his mind.

Greg Oden

#52 / Portland Trail Blazers



Jan 22, 1988

"The Heat need some size, that's not a secret," Conley, his agent, said. "Whether it's in a backup role or whatever, he could help them. I know they're interested in him and he's interested in them."

Pat Riley will make a few adjustments this summer, and this could be the most intriguing of them all. If Oden can be healthy, which is a huge question, then his talents could make Miami a different animal. He would be able to battle the Roy Hibbert's, Tyson Chandler's and Joakim Noah's of the East.

For Miami, Oden could be the defensive and rebounding specialist that the Heat need to be, say unstoppable?

It's a long shot because he hasn't been healthy since he was in High School at Lawrence North in Indianapolis. But, he has taken additional time off to rejuvenate his body for a return. And he's only 25 years old, plenty of time to put it together.

The Heat will have to battle the Spurs, Cavaliers, and other teams in the bid for Oden. But Miami offers championship possibility and a chance at a real impact.

The Heat will also have to determine how much money they are willing to throw at this project, considering their tax problems in CBA.

Either way, Oden will fit with the Heat on the basketball court. Hot Hot Hoops will have exclusive content coming soon about how Oden will fit with the Heat organization. Stay tuned.