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Dwyane Wade had left knee drained before Game 7 of the NBA Finals

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Wade did more than talk to his knees before Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Kevin C. Cox

Dwyane Wade had to do a little more than have a conversation with his knees before Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

According to The Associated Press, Wade had his left knee drained the day before the game then received approximately eight hours of therapy to be able to play.

He said that his left knee was swollen "like a coconut" after he collided with Manu Ginobili in Game 6.

Wade was also dealing with three bone bruises in his right knee that hampered his performance for much of the playoffs. He underwent an MRI to rule out any additional problems with it during the Eastern Conference Finals against the Indiana Pacers and admitted that he even contemplated playing limited minutes in Game 7 due to the pain.

Following the MRI, team trainers modified his treatment plan slightly, and he started seeing immediate improvement.

Wade played nearly 40 minutes in Game 7 of the Finals, scoring 23 points.

"I went through a lot," Wade said. "But I'm at peace now."

"Selfishly, I'm going to say we won this one for me," he said. "Because of the way my career has gone and the things I've dealt with personally, I wanted this third one. In my mind, it validates the player I've become in this league. When you change your position, going from being talked about as one of the three best players in this game to people questioning your ability, I needed this one to validate that what I did was the right thing. I can be at peace with anything going forward."