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EXCLUSIVE: Sweet details of the Miami HEAT championship cake

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Divine Delicacies designed and created the Miami HEAT's stunning, new championship cake and shared all the sweet details ONLY with Hot Hot Hoops. "We always believed," they said.

The Miami HEAT Championship cake was showcased on Friday night and some photos of it have been circulating on social media ever since but we've got plenty directly from the source that you have to check out. The stunning 3D cake is white hot, sparkly and really, really tall - just like the team. Made by Miami celebrity cake designer, Divine Delicacies, this masterpiece had them working for weeks.

Hot Hot Hoops was able to get all the exclusive details of how this masterpiece was created. The red velvet, cream cheese and vanilla rum cake feeds 350 people and yes, it is all cake including the trophy. The trophy is covered with 24-carat edible gold paint, then red accents were added and on the very top is a 2013 NBA Championship Hat made of sugar. Yes, sugar. (Look at the detail!)

The second part of the cake is 5-tiers including the rectangular wood plank sheet cake base. Each tier was also decorated with gold crystals all the way around.

"We decided to keep it white hot and just hand-paint ‘Congratulations,' ‘Back to Back Champions' and ‘MiamiHEAT,'" says Laura Candeau, Director of Sales for DDCakes.

A crystal HEAT logo was used in place of an "o" in the word "Champions." (see photo) The actual cake took approximately 15 hours to bake, build and decorate, starting at 11am Friday and finishing at 2am Saturday.

On Friday, Divine Delicacies tweeted, "Here's a sneak peek of the life size 3D 36,000 Swarovski crystal basketball!!! Starting on the cake soon!!"

As it turns out, "We started bedazzling the basketball 2-3 weeks ago," Laura confessed. "Yes, we believed they would win and we had faith in our team."

When you wish upon 36,000 Swarovski crystals, the dream that you wish will come true. Bon appetit.

Enjoy the photo gallery above.

Chris Bosh photo credit: April Belle Photos

All other pictures courtesy of DDCakes