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New short film shows true HEAT fans' heart

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A visually emotional short film about the Miami HEAT's true fans and their appreciation of this extraordinary era in Miami HEAT history has emerged.

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Just as fan bases from various cities around the country (Ravens! Lakers!) decide to criticize Miami HEAT fans (again) by comparing selective photos from the Miami HEAT Championship Parade to their own, just as the confetti clouds settle and the reality of what has happened over the past week hits, just as you begin to realize how very much you're going to miss basketball for the next few months, Belvedere Stories releases their newest video: "Miami HEAT Fans: A Rebuttal."

While the film speaks for itself, below is part of what the filmmaker had to say:

Miami Heat Fans: A Rebuttal from Belvedere Stories on Vimeo.

"As people who live in the thick of it, we can assure the rest of the world, that these true fans are not the minority. The minority are those who left and perpetuated a long running myth. The minority are the tourists who visit our beaches and want to 'roll with the winners' for a weekend. The minority are those who are unaffected emotionally after a Heat loss. They are only a drop in the bucket filled to the brim with passionate and unwavering Heat fans. The Miami Heat fans feel blessed to live in a great, sunny city and to witness history-making sports in our own backyard.

As for the team that brought us this great gift, we can only say THANK YOU for your enormous talent and work, for uniting so many different cultures and religions to all root for the same goal, for showing so much love to our community outside of basketball, and giving your time and energy to make this a better place to live. Even though the bulk of true Miami Fans sit further back, we hope that you can hear our love and support loud and clear."

Well said, Belvedere. Well said.