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HEAT Ladies celebrate love and basketball

The Miami HEAT players' wives and girlfriends gathered together for their own party to wrap up this championship season.

They say behind every championship man is a championship woman. (That's what they say, I'm pretty sure.) It's not a surprise that this beautiful group of magnanimous women are behind this year's NBA Championship Team. How fitting that the Miami HEAT Ladies got together on Monday night for an end of season party all their own at OLA Miami in the Sanctuary Hotel before going their separate ways for the summer.

Divine Delicacies, the bakery that made the HEAT's Championship Cake, created a special cake of love for the HEAT Ladies and provided HHH with exclusive details on their latest amazing creation. The pink and white 4-tiered cake was edged in crystals with a gold-painted basketball cake atop the 4th tier. Surrounding the 1st and 3rd tier were edible black and white photos of each player and their lady posing with the Larry O'Brien Trophy. Each wife and girlfriend was also given a pink vanilla rum mini-cake topped with a sugar version of their man's HEAT jersey.

Some of these HEAT ladies are active on social media and give fans a generous glimpse into their lives and their thoughts. It can't be easy to keep a family going through dad's demanding and rigorous NBA schedule. Players are often out of town on holidays, birthdays and special occasisons. What we constantly see from these ladies is positivity, confidence and faith. Everyone has their moments, but as much as their followers are inspired by their tweets and posts, one can only imagine how much their men must be bolstered by their love and light.

You know that scene from the movie "Love and Basketball?"

Monica: One game. One on One.
Quincy: For what?
Monica: Your heart.

The Miami HEAT ladies played that game years ago. And they won.

Enjoy the above photo gallery of this special event.

(2 photos from World Red Eye; all others courtesy of Divine Delicacies)