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Chris Bosh launches sleek new website, appears on CNN and Conan's show

Chris Bosh launches his new website featuring interviews, photos and information on his charitable foundation, Team Tomorrow.


It was a banner day for Chris Bosh on Wednesday. Not only did he appear on CNN with Piers Morgan and on TBS with Conan O'Brien, he also launched his brand new website,

Bosh's twitter bio explains him in 4 simple words: "The coolest dude alive." Surely after seeing him on the two TV shows last night, there can be no doubt. Bosh appeared ultra sharp and polished on CNN. (Help from wife and sister?) Even Piers commented on twitter:


Bosh went on to see Conan in a slightly more casual look. Conan talked about Bosh's passion for photo bombs. Who could forget the exciting post game interviews during the regular season, waiting to see what Bosh would do each night. Fans loved that fun side of the big man.

Photobombs, though, are just one of Bosh's smaller passions. What he is really passionate about is his family. Earlier in the year, Dan LeBatard asked Bosh to name the one thing in his house of which he is most proud. Rather than naming a famous, rare or valuable object, Bosh replied, "My family." LeBatard pushed back and badgered Bosh telling him that was a boring answer for everyone but him. The man didn't care. It's how he feels. And he should.

Chris Bosh's family makes him proud for all the right reasons. Conan O'Brien commented that he could find no scandals about him but the Bosh family has been through plenty this year. When the vultures tried to drag them through the mud, they did not go down into the pit. They rose above it, again and again.

After all this, fans declared, "We want more" and now fans have more at There, Bosh shares a thank you note to fans, the HEAT Harlem Shake video, an E:60 interview, links to 3 social media platforms, and information on his highly active charitable foundation, "Team Tomorrow." Also gracing the website pages are the glorious Bosh Family photos, most by April Belle Photos. It's the best place to find the latest and greatest news on all things Bosh.

So, could "the coolest dude alive" have the coolest website on the web?

You be the judge: