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Udonis Haslem to undergo surgery to repair torn meniscus

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Miami Heat co-captain, Udonis Haslem revealed that he will undergo surgery to repair a torn right meniscus.


According to The Associated Press, Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem will have surgery this offseason to repair a torn right meniscus.

Haslem revealed that he played through much of the second half of the season with the injury Saturday afternoon while at a promotional appearance.

Surgery will be scheduled soon and he expects to be ready for training camp.

"It forces me to be smart and take my time with recovery this summer," said Haslem. "Obviously, I don't heal like I used to so I've got to be a lot smarter and this forces me to be smart. My body's a little weary right now, a lot more weary than it was after last year."

Haslem played in 75 regular season games this season, 50 including the post season after the injury occurred.

"I'm already thinking about recovery," he said.