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Heat vs Spurs NBA Finals Game 2 preview: now or never

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The NBA Finals have officially begun. With Miami trailing in this series the question remains; how will the defending champions respond?


The one notion that needs to firmly be put to rest, is that the Miami Heat have a "pattern" of losing Game 1's, at which point, they seemingly "flip" a switch and play with an edge. That is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo crap that quite honestly, insults the opposing competition.

Fact is: The Miami Heat have their backs against the wall and are facing a must win Game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs are an extremely good basketball team and energy is not going to be the deciding factor in this series.

LeBron James Takeover?

This is also something that has been tossed around in the media lately, and just like the lack of energy claim, it's nonsense. LeBron does not and will not force the issue. He's masterful at reading defenses and executing the right play.

This quote from LeBron, sums up his game perfectly.

"When I was in Cleveland we played Orlando in the Eastern Conference finals and I think I averaged 38, 36, or whatever I averaged. I guess I should have done more in that series as well. But I can't. ... I do what's best for the team. What's best for the team, it doesn't always result in a win."

The Law of Averages

Shane Battier has coined this phrase, at least within the NBA rhetoric. It's the truth though and as long as both the Spurs and the Heat shoot from the perimeter, we'll see a ping pong shuffle of the score that ends in favor of the team that is more consistent.

Chris Bosh should be the one guy on the Miami Heat that recognizes how valuable he is to tipping the arrow in their favor. If Bosh cannot knock down mid range and 3-point shots, the Heat will not be able to overcome the well rounded attack of the Spurs.

We can't forget about Dwyane Wade either. He's obviously hobbled with injuries but like Zach Randolph told the media about Blake Griffin being injured in the 1st round of the playoffs:

"This is the playoffs. Everybody is injured. You gotta man up. This is a big-boy's game"

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Next Game

San Antonio Spurs
@ Miami Heat

Sunday, Jun 9, 2013, 8:00 PM EDT
AmericanAirlines Arena

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