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NBA Free Agency Report: Miami Heat interested in Marcus Camby again

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Camby expected to finalize buyout with Toronto Raptors soon and the Heat are reportedly interested in his services.

Mike Ehrmann

Former New York Knicks big man will be hitting the free agent market once again after an expected buyout with the Toronto Raptors is completed within the next few days. Just like last year, the Miami Heat are expected to once again go after the 39-year-old center.

The Raptors acquired Camby earlier this month along with Steve Novack, three draft picks and a sign-and-traded Quentin Richardson (who also appears to be on the move as well with a buyout).

According to ESPN sources, Camby is seeking to sign with a contending team, which isn't a shocker, but Miami would represent the best chance at a ring and he fits an obvious need with his size, rebounding and shot blocking abilities.

"His decision will be fairly quick," the source said. "He's not ruling out the [veteran's] minimum, but if a team shows a bigger commitment, that could make a difference."

No word yet on how this affects the Heat's pursuit of Greg Oden, though conceivably should the team acquire one or both big men they could pass on a return of Juwan Howard (who is even older than Camby) or abort the developmental process with Jarvis Varnado to carve out more minutes for Camby. The Heat still have the mini-midlevel exception at their disposal, though they would likely try to offer the veteran's minimum.

In a statement released almost two weeks ago, Camby expressed disappointment with the New York Knicks (who cannot re-acquire him for another year) and his role last season when he was convinced to re-join his old team last summer rather than attend a meeting with Pat Riley and the Heat in Miami to discuss possibly signing with them.

"It's unfortunate that I wasn't given a meaningful opportunity to contribute last season in New York. I was really looking forward to the upcoming year as a chance to show the organization what they missed out on last year, and pushing our team toward the Finals. ... Given that my goal at this point in my career is to have a shot at a championship, however, I'll have to evaluate my options going forward. I've enjoyed a great career, and under the right circumstances I hope to continue making an impact in the league."

The Knicks acquired Camby from the Houston Rockets a year ago in a sign-and-trade deal in exchange for Toney Douglas, Josh Harrellson, Jerome Jordan and 2014 and 2015 second-round picks.

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