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NBA approves of five new rules changes for 2013-14 season

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NBA Board of Governors approves the modifications for the upcoming NBA season.


Changes that could potentially have major impact during next year's biggest games have been approved by the NBA Board of Governors in Las Vegas today, as announced by the league Thursday night.

These five new changes to the rules for the 2013-14 NBA season were originally recommended by the NBA's Competition Committee in a June 12 meeting and are as follows...

Instant replay may now be used:

When reviewing a block/charge play to determine whether the defender was inside or outside the restricted area, officials will now be permitted to reverse a charge call, or uphold a blocking call, when the defender was outside the restricted area but was not set when the offensive player began his upward shooting motion.

To determine whether an off-ball foul occurred before or after a player has started his shooting motion on a successful shot attempt, or before or after the ball was released on a throw-in.

During the review of any instant replay situation to permit the officials to assess the appropriate penalties of any unsportsmanlike and unnecessary acts (e.g. flagrant fouls) that are observed during the instant replay reviews.

Additional rules modifications:

· On clear path to the basket fouls, it will no longer be considered a clear path foul if at any point before the foul is committed, the defender who commits the foul is positioned ahead of the offensive player in the frontcourt.

· A team on offense will lose possession if its player leaves the floor and does not immediately return to the floor, unless he is injured, attempting to save the ball or in other extenuating circumstances.

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