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Miami Heat Player Countdown: #184-180

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Today, we continue to review individual player contributions through the Miami Heat's 25-year history. For this installment, we get a look at Kirk Penney, Dave Popson, Terrence Rencher, James Scott, and Kelvin Upshaw.


184. Kirk Penney

Kirk Penney was a 6'5" shooting guard from Auckland, New Zealand. The University of Wisconsin product was born on November 23rd, 1980.

Penney signed his first professional contract with the Miami Heat on November 3rd, 2003. He appeared in two games, totaling one three-point basket, one rebound, one assist, and one steal over 18 minutes. The Heat let him go on November 7th. He would spend the rest of the 2003-04 season between Spain and the NBA D-League.

Penney returned to the NBA in 2004-05 with the Los Angeles Clippers, scoring two points in 12 minutes over four contests. He was yet to resurface in the NBA, playing in the D-League, Israel, Lithuania, Germany, Australia, and Turkey, where he currently suits up for TED Ankara Kolejliler.

All-Time Statline: One season, two games, 9.0 minutes, 1.5 points, 0.5 rebounds, 0.5 assists, 0.5 steals, 0.0 blocks, -7.2 PER, -0.1 win shares.

183. Dave Popson

Dave Popson, born May 7th, 1964, was a 6'10" power forward from Kingston, PA. After four seasons of college ball with the Tar Heels at UNC, the Detroit Pistons made him the 88th pick of the 1987 draft, in the fourth round. After getting waived following the 1988-89 season, he was picked up and waived several times by the Clippers. He managed to get into 10 games in LA, scoring 23 points with 16 rebounds during his time there.

On March 22nd, the Heat signed Popson to the first of two 10-day contracts, eventually signing him through the season. His best performance came on April 11th, when he went two-for-three from the field with two rebounds in eight minutes. He would total seven games for Miami, scoring 11 with 11 boards over 36 minutes. The Heat did not retain him after the season.

Popson spent 1989-90 between the CBA and Spain. He later played in 19 games with the Boston Celtics and in five with the Milwaukee Bucks.

All-Time Statline: One season, seven games, 5.4 minutes, 1.6 points, 1.6 rebounds, 0.3 assists, 0.0 steals, 0.1 blocks, 3.4 PER, -0.1 win shares.

182. Terrence Rencher

Terrence Rencher was a 6'3" point guard from Bronx, NY. Born on February 19th, 1973, he played for the University of Texas at Austin, with the graduating class of 1995. The Washington Bullets picked him up in the second round that year, with the 32nd overall pick. Washington sent him along with Rex Chapman directly to the Heat for Ed Stokes and Jeff Webster.

Rencher signed with Miami for $200,000. He hit 32.3% of his field goal attempts while with the club, including 31% from three-point range over 34 games. On November 24th, he scored eight points on three-for-three shooting, along with three rebounds and three assists in 22 minutes as the Heat dropped one to the Bullets, 110-94. On February 22nd, the Heat traded him to the Phoenix Suns for Tony Smith.

Rencher only played in two games for Phoenix, later appearing in the CBA, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Israel, and Greece. He went into coaching in 2009, and is currently an assistant with Sam Houston State University.

All-Time Statline: One season, 34 games, 11.7 minutes, 3.0 points, 1.2 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 0.5 steals, 0.0 blocks, 6.5 PER, -0.1 win shares.

181. James Scott

James Scott was a 6'6" small forward from Paterson, NJ. Born on June 6th, 1972, he played two years of college basketball with St. Johns University, not appearing again after the 1994-95 season. He went undrafted.

Just before the 1996-97 season, the Heat signed Scott to a $220,000 free agent contract. Out of Miami's 199 players, Scott ranks 198th with a grand total of one point. he played in eight total games, missing all eight of his field goal attempts (including four shots from outside) and grabbing six boards. His only point was an important one, as it was one of 95 that Miami scored in a 95-94 win over the Milwaukee Bucks on December 29th.

Despite Miami having won each of the eight games in which Scott appeared, they ended up cutting him in early January. Due to the combination of the brevity of his NBA career and the common-ness of his given name, I had a hard time finding anything else about him other than that he is three months younger than I am.

All-Time Statline: One season, eight games, 4.0 minutes, 0.1 points, 0.8 rebounds, 0.4 assists, 0.3 steals, 0.0 blocks, -4.1 PER, -0.1 win shares.

180. Kelvin Upshaw

Kelvin Upshaw, born January 24th, 1963, was a 6'2" shooting guard from Chicago, IL. He attended Utah, averaging 29 minutes, 15 points, three rebounds, and four assists in three collegiate seasons with the Utes.

Undrafted after graduating with the Class of 1986, Upshaw signed his first pro contract with Miami on January 10th, 1989. He spent nine games as a member of the Heat, hitting 26-of-63 field goals with 13 rebounds and 20 assists. His best game was on January 19th, when he went five-for-seven from the field with a board, two assists and a steal in a 112-108 loss to the Chicago Bulls.

Upshaw later played in 37 games over parts of two seasons with the Boston Celtics. He then played in 23 games with the Golden State Warriors and in 51 with the Dallas Mavericks. He also made appearances in the CBA, Poland, Italy, Argentina, and the Phillipines. He was named Director of Player Development for the Mavericks in 2004.

All-Time Statline: One season, nine games, 16.0 minutes, 6.3 points, 1.4 rebounds, 2.2 assists, 0.8 steals, 0.0 blocks, 8.5 PER, -0.1 win shares.