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Mike Miller will play for the Memphis Grizzlies next season

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Former Heat guard and fan-favorite Mike Miller chooses to play with the Memphis Grizzlies next season, his second stint with the team.


According to ESPN's Mark Stein, former Miami Heat guard Mike Miller has committed to signing a two-year deal with the Memphis Grizzlies.

After being waived by the Heat last Tuesday under the amnesty clause, Miller cleared waivers Thursday afternoon, which made him a free agent and eligible to sign with any team of his choice.

The early frontrunners for Miller's services appeared to be the Oklahoma City Thunder, with Kevin Durant leading their recruiting efforts.

As for Memphis' recruiters, Marc Gasol and Mike Conley were both actively involved, with Conley jokingly offering Miller a free year of golf when he spoke to ESPN reporters at Team USA's minicamp in Las Vegas.

Perhaps Conley's offer worked, however sources indicate that Miller couldn't resist the chance to return to Memphis where he's kept a home since playing for the Grizzlies from the '02-'03 to '07-'08 seasons.

The Houston Rockets were scheduled to meet with Miller on Friday, prior to his decision to return to Memphis Wednesday afternoon. Another team that reportedly received strong consideration included the Denver Nuggets.

Miller also drew interest from the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, reports of Miller needing back surgery or considering retirement surfaced when it was believed that the Cavaliers may plan to claim him off waivers.

He recently told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel "I'm excited about the next spot. I'm re-energized. I really am. I'm just feeling healthy. I'm ready to play. I started to get back in [the gym] again last week and I can't wait to play again next year."

And we certainly wish him well during his second stint in Memphis.

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