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Shane Battier lists Miami home for sale (UPDATE: Looking to upgrade)

Miami Heat forward is asking $1.895 million for his pad in Coconut Grove.

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First it was Chris Bosh who was reported last month to have put his South Beach house up for sale (though it still appears that it hasn't actually been listed yet).

Now the man considered the seventh smartest athlete out there (according to a poll last year in Sporting News), as well as dressing up as the horsetranaut, is also making moves on the real estate market.

Miami Heat forward Shane Battier has officially listed his Coconut Grove pad for a cool $1.895 million, after paying $1.6 million for it in June 2012. No word yet on whether all that Bud Light beer (1,100 cases or 26,000 bottles to be exact) that was delivered in April for the playoff run is included in the kitchen as well.

Is this a lateral move to bigger and better digs in the Miami area or is Battier calling it quits and packing his bags for the ESPN studios in Bristol, Connecticut? We'll have more on this story as it develops.

In the meantime, check out the property in this nice gallery and if you have the means, I highly recommend taking a tour of the crib to see if it's the right place for you.

UPDATE: It looks like Battier is simply looking to upgrade his surroundings and is looking elsewhere in South Florida for a new home. According to Gossip Extra, Battier "likes it here". After back-to-back rings, who can blame him?

Listing agent Linda Green would only confirm that Battier and wife Heidi are selling.

"It's not my place to comment on why he's leaving this location," she said.

But Green's boss, Realtor Mike Brunnberg, said Battier has a contract to buy another house in nearby Coral Gables. That transaction has not been finalized and has yet to appear on public records.

"My understanding is that he is not going anywhere," Brunnberg said. "He's just upgrading. He likes it here."

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