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Whitlock: LeBron mulling bid for NBPA presidency

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FOX Sports' Jason Whitlock says that LeBron James has talked about the possibility with a few people.

LeBron James
LeBron James

FOX Sports' Jason Whitlock reported today that LeBron James has talked about the possibility of running for the National Basketball Players Association presidency with a small group of people. Whitlock said that James has strong opinions about the future of the union, but that it remains unlikely that the two-time Finals MVP will seek the presidency. Derek Fisher's term as NBPA president expired this summer.

This story seems like a way for the outspoken Whitlock to write a story that will get hits during the NBA off-season, and that's probably what it is. With his inclusion from his source that James will likely not seek the presidency, Whitlock essentially is hedging his bet. If James doesn't run for president, Whitlock can still claim that he "considered" it. During the lead-up to the trade deadline, countless reporters say that teams are "considering" trading players.

James participated in some negotiations between the NBPA and owners during the league's 2011 lockout, and may indeed have strong opinions on the future of the players' union. But with all of his ventures and commitments, James probably won't seek the presidency of the NBPA.