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Chris Bosh to Visit India

Two-Time defending NBA Champ Chris Bosh will travel to Mumbai to help build NBA's fanbase.

Alexander Tamargo

The NBA has released information this morning regarding the latest travel plans of Chris Bosh and how it'll impact the NBA globally. The All-Star Champion will be visiting Mumbai, India from July 16-19 to participate in various events to continue to spread awareness of the sport and to connect with fans locally. Chris Bosh will be the 22nd NBA player to travel to India since 2006.

"I am excited for the chance to visit India and help build interest in the game I love," said Bosh. "The NBA is a global game and I hear that basketball is becoming pretty popular over there so I am looking forward to teaching kids that may end up in our league one day."

Since its first event in 2008, India has seen rapid growth in NBA interest.

"Chris is a dynamic player and personality, and will be a huge hit with our fans," said Heidi Ueberroth, NBA President, International. "The popularity of basketball is growing in India and we're thrilled that Chris will take part in youth development and community activities as part of his visit to Mumbai."

Due to the spike in interest, the league opened an office in Mumbai in 2011 and has hosted more than 450 events in 10 cities. Fans now have access to live games and programming thanks to a multiyear television partnership with SONY.

Below is a list of Bosh's activities while in India:

JULY 16:
TOUR MUMBAI: Bosh will tour famous sites in Mumbai. His tour will be captured by SONY and NBA Entertainment and featured in NBA programming on SONY SIX.

LAUNCH NBA INDIA INSTAGRAM: Bosh's visit will launch the official NBA India Instagram channel, giving fans an inside look at his trip.

LARRY O'BRIEN TROPHY TOUR: Bosh, who has won the trophy in back-to-back seasons, will bring the NBA championship trophy to India and give fans a chance to take pictures with it.

JULY 17:
ATTEND PRESS CONFERENCE: Bosh will help the NBA and SONY announce the launch of a unique NBA basketball and entertainment event in India.

JULY 18:
ELITE DEVELOPMENT BASKETBALL CLINIC: Bosh will conduct a clinic for some of the top basketball players in India. He will also conduct clinics for youth of all levels at a local school.

MAGIC BUS NBA CARES EVENT: Bosh will participate in an NBA Cares event and basketball clinic as part of our overarching NBA Cares partnership with Magic Bus, a local NGO, and SONY SIX. The partnership, announced during NBA Commissioner David Stern's trip to Mumbai in April, uses sport to impact underserved youth across India.

JULY 19:
NAMASTE BOSH FAN CONTEST: SONY and the NBA will run a digital and social media promotion which will ask fans to submit entries on how they would welcome Bosh to India, as Namaste is the Hindi customary greeting. SONY will develop a localized promo and song to encourage fan participation. The league and SONY will use the hashtag #NamasteBosh across all media assets to promote. Fans with the most passionate and creative submissions will get a chance to meet Bosh.