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Mike Miller: The final farewell to Heat Nation

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Mike Miller's wife packed up the precious cargo and said goodbye to HEAT Nation on Sunday... and it cut like a knife.


When Miami HEAT President Pat Riley said of Mike Miller’s amnesty that he will be "sorely missed," he spoke the truth. Miller’s wife, Jennifer, posted the family’s good-bye to HEAT Nation via Instagram and Twitter on Sunday. It was, perhaps, the saddest tweet of the day.

"2 dogs a cat and a baby! Goodbye all you #heatnation fans thanks for being so supportive! Bye to all our wonderful friends, we will be back often to visit!" she posted.

The photo she shared along with that message showed a toddler who we’d all prayed for 2 seasons ago when Miller wore pink laces to support her progress in intensive care at 1-week of age.  My how she’s grown.

Just a few Sundays ago the Miami HEAT took out a full-page ad thanking Miller for "letting it fly" during his past 3 seasons with the Miami HEAT.  Shortly after his amnesty, Miller’s wife posted, "Amnesty is a tough life, he's already looking for a job!" God bless him, he found a job pretty quickly with the Memphis Grizzlies.

We know we’ll see Miller playing against the HEAT, still in the NBA.  We know his family will adjust to life in Memphis within a few months. Still there’s that thing about Mike Miller. Like when your best friend in 3rd grade moves to Georgia. It breaks your heart.  Miller didn’t get that many minutes on the court, he suffered many injuries while with Miami, but he came through at big moments in memorable ways.

So safe travels, Miller Family. We’re so sorry to see you go. Please keep in touch via social media, as always. And remember, we still support you!

(Just not in the Playoffs.)

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