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LeBron James won't seek NBPA presidency

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USA Today's Jeff Zillgitt reported that LeBron James decided that he did not have enough time for an executive position with the players union.

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Mike Ehrmann

After speaking about the possibility with several people, LeBron James decided against running for the National Basketball Players Association presidency, USA Today's Jeff Zillgitt reported Monday. He concluded that he does not have enough time at this point in his career to give a union presidency the attention it would require. James called Heat player representative and union secretary-treasuruer James Jones earlier today and told him of his decision.

NBPA members will meet in Las Vegas next week to vote for a president, and Zillgitt reported that Roger Mason Jr. is a strong candidate to replace Derek Fisher as the NBPA president. It appears that a star will not head the players union again.

When Jason Whitlock first reported that James was interested in running for NBPA president, I said that James wouldn't run because of all his commitments and ventures. With the two-time NBA Finals MVP already preparing for this season (and letting us know about it on his Instagram account) he would have had too much on his plate if he added all the politics of the players union to his list of responsibilities.

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