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Dwyane Wade: "I want to be in Miami"

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In a coming off season that is likely to stir up a media frenzy based off of free-agent decisions, Dwyane Wade has decided to dispel any rumours and express his desire to remain in Miami for the long run.

Marc Serota

There's no question that this will be an interesting year for Miami Heat basketball. The Heat are coming off another championship, and working toward another illustrious season and the possibility of a three-peat. Nevertheless, it's impossible to ignore the fact that all members of the Big Three can opt out at the end of their contracts at the end of the regular season and become Free Agents.

While most of the attention will be centered on LeBron James during that time, Dwyane Wade has decided to dispel any rumors that may spawn over the season and announce his decision early. In an interview with the Miami Herald at Wade's annual basketball fantasy camp he explained:

"Everybody knows where I want to be. I want to be in Miami."

"I have nothing to talk about. So there won't be any exciting news over here."

Wade explained that he would address opt out concerns in late September and that would be the final time he spoke on the matter. Additionally, Wade made it clear that his focus is on rehabilitating his knees (having just undergone shock treatment therapy) and winning a championship. Wade also explained that the treatment was non-intrusive and that he plans to practice for the first time this off-season this coming weekend.

Wade's plan to stay is good news for Miami as he has proven time and time again that he is essential when it comes to competing for a championship. While it's still early, this may contribute to LeBron staying in Miami as well as he has expressed a desire in the past to continue building a dynasty with Wade in South Beach, but still hasn't ruled out the possibility of taking his talents elsewhere. In any case, this news bodes well for Miami Heat fans as Dwyane's loyalty and focus are in the right place.

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