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Will LeBron James win his 3rd consecutive MVP this season?

LeBron James has won 2 straight NBA regular season MVP's, and 4 out of the last 5. Can he make it three in a row this season?

Chris Trotman

Ever since the Miami Heat took down the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, we have been talking about the possibility of a Miami Heat three-peat. A notable move the Heat made this offseason was bringing in former number 1 overall pick Greg Oden, filling a role Miami has lacked for quite some time, a true center.

Though that's the most important goal for the Miami Heat this year, it's not the only streak on the line.

Not only has Miami won 2 championships in a row, but star LeBron James has won back to back NBA Finals MVPs, and NBA regular season MVPs.

Obviously keeping the Finals MVP streak going relies upon whether or not the Heat can reach the Finals for the fourth year in a row, but the latter depends a lot on LeBron James, can he win 3 MVPs in a row?

Going into the season, LeBron James is the overwhelming favorite to win the MVP. Not only because he is simply the best player in the world, but he was just one vote away from being the first unanimous MVP in NBA history, as Knicks star Carmelo Anthony received that one vote.

LeBron has also won the award 4 out of the last 5 seasons, as Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose took the award in 2011, which was LeBron's first season in Miami. That year was the year when the "LeBron hate" was at its highest.

Much of that can be blamed towards "The Decision" and its aftermath, as he made his ever so famous line of "Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, Not 4..." ok you get the point. That didn't do him any favors, especially after the 2011 NBA Finals when LeBron "disappeared" in the 4th quarter, and much of the entire series.

Now, I am not saying that the only Derrick Rose won the MVP was because everyone hated LeBron. Rose had a great season averaging 25 points, 4 rebounds, and 7 assists. While James averaged 26 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists. LeBron averaged one more point a game than Rose, and more rebounds, and the same amount of assists. So LeBron could've easily won it that year as well.

In order for LeBron to not win the MVP again this season, someone else has to win it, who might that be? Carmelo Anthony is a candidate, especially since he was the one to keep LeBron James from a unanimous MVP award. Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant is another potential MVP, as he came in second behind Carmelo Anthony in the scoring title last season. Derrick Rose will be making his much anticipated return this year, but we can't be exactly sure he will be himself right away.

Something that might keep LeBron from another MVP, is a topic some people don't believe in, but it does exist; Voters fatigue.

During the NBA year, LeBron and the Miami Heat dominate most of the headlines, especially LeBron. Some voters might just be tired of giving LeBron the award, and might vote for Kevin Durant, or Carmelo Anthony for a change. I'm not saying it will happen, but it's something to think about.

Over the past two seasons, the hatred of LeBron James has gone down. A lot of that can be credited to the fact that he is now a 2-time NBA champion, and is going for a 3-peat. You know how people are these days, some people jump from team to team, depending on who recently won the championship. People love winning, if you win, people will like you a little more, that's just the way it is. More people respect him now, and he's starting to regain some of that high popularity he had back with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

At the end of the year, when the time comes to name the NBA MVP, will it be LeBron yet again? Can he make it 3 years in a row?

I believe he will, and here's why; I think we can all agree that LeBron is the best player in the NBA, and the entire world. Not only is he the best player, but he plays on the best team. Which means more wins, if your team is winning, the more likelier chance you have at the MVP. Which I don't exactly agree with 100%, but it is what it is. If your team barely makes the playoffs, you aren't going to get a ton of consideration for the award.

Another reason why I think LeBron James will win the MVP for the third straight season, is that Dwyane Wade isn't getting any younger. He isn't the superstar he was a few years ago. Wade is still a great player, but he can't carry the same load he could a while back. Which means LeBron might resort back to his "Cleveland days" style of play, as he has called it in the past. With that style of play, it will lead to James having the ball in his hands more, which means more points, and assists.

So, to answer the question, yes, I believe LeBron James will win the MVP yet again, and will continue to show why he is the best basketball player in the world, and one of the best ever to play the game.

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